Friday, March 21, 2008

the big idea

Last night I was brushing Thom's teeth before bedtime. We talked a little about how if we don't brush our teeth the "sugar bugs" will eat holes in them.

"Mom, I know why the sugar bugs make the holes."

"Why's that?"

"For tunnels and doors for their city."

"Oh, you're probably right."

"Mom, we shouldn't kill the sugar bugs because they are nice."

"But they eat holes in our teeth."

"Yeah, but I think they are nice. Do they have legs?"

"Humm, I don't know if they have legs, but, we just brush them off our teeth and spit them down the drain and then they can build their city in the drain and not in our mouth where they can ruin our teeth."

I tucked Thomas into his bed and laid down by him. He likes someone to lay with him for a while, and it is a good time to talk one on one so I humor him.

"Mom! I know! We can get one of my teeth, when it gets loose, and put it in a jar and whatdosugarbugseatagain!?"


"Oh yeah. And then we can get some sugar and sprinkle it on the tooth andthenthesugarbugscanliveonthattooth!!!!"

"Oh well that's an idea, but I think sugar bugs would prefer to live in peoples mouths."


We laid there for a while. Thomas wiggled around and kicked me a few times.

"Mom, the road outside belongs to God."

"Really? Time to go to sleep now."

"Mom, when our China baby grows up she will be my sister, right?"

"Yep, your little sister. Good night Mr. Bean."

"Mom, is my bike outside?"

"I don't know, go to sleep."

"Mom, I'm thirsty."

"No you're not. Go to sleep."



"What Thomas? What is it now?!!"

"I love you."


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Jill said...

That is precious! There's nothing quite like a little boy's love for his mommy. Thanks for sharing!

ellia hill said...

too too cute!!! they always have a way of melting our hearts, eh?!