Friday, March 21, 2008

just do it

I was thinking today in spinning class that, damn, this is rough, but also about gumption in general. More often than not, things seem harder than they really are. Most projects worth doing may seem from the outset very complicated and time consuming. And they may be just that. But they might not.

It has been my experience (for what it's worth) that if you break something down into small steps you will be able to work through it. Now, I don't expect to be really good at many things. For instance, I suck at origami and lego construction. Try as I might, my pasta sauce is acidic. This is just to name but a small few. But I carry on, folding paper and cooking tomatoes on a regular basis, because I like to do these things.

The purpose for all this prattle is just to put out to the universe the good energy I had today as I sweated my brains out, proud of myself for making it to the gym one more day. I just want to say that if there is something you have been thinking about trying to do- for heaven's sakes, get off you kiester and do it. Start small and work your way into it. For my part, I think Sugar Daddy might put a moratorium on any new ventures in a the near future. The quilting project is still taking up most of the kitchen island.

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