Sunday, March 16, 2008

design sunday

When I was a little girl, my family had a tradition of going out for an ice cream cone from Kirt's. Kirt's was a old fashion drive-in diner, where girls on roller skates waited on you while you sat in your car. This must have been an ideal set-up for my parents. Other than the inevitable spills on the seats (we had tan vinyl that our thighs suck to), and fighting over elbow room, my mom must have loved the fact that she didn't have to load four kids in and out of the car. I have many fond memories of these family trips.

Kirt's made their ice cream cones irresistible to kids by simply adding a cocktail drink animal to the top of the swirl of cold yummy goodness. I always requested a pink monkey, but I usually ended up with a yellow giraffe. It is because of this that I must, must, must own this cocktail monkey charm by Live Wire. Check out the shop, her jack necklace is also a favorite.

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