Thursday, March 13, 2008

the crafty crew

Let me introduce you to some of my wonderful friends. We decided to get together once a month and share our talents. I tried to teach everyone jewelry making, but it didn't go over too well. I guess it just isn't something you can master in a few hours. We have made cards, tied blankets for charity, painted and laughed a lot. Tami deemed our group "The Crafty Chicks", and it has stuck. This photo was taken on our "Girls Weekend 2008" to Santa Barbara.

Between the seven of us, we have 22 kids, and yet we find time to get together and craft our brains out. We are mothers, hear us roar.

From left to right: Jill, Me, Tami, Jenny, Rachel, Becky, Cami

On Thursday, we combined crafty chicks with Jill's birthday brunch. I made her this bracelet with her four boy's initials. Tami taught us all the fine art of crazy apron making. We had fresh fruit, bagels with cream cheese, salmon, tomato and capers. Rachel brought baked egg souffles from Panera. I brought tangerine juice and strawberry kefir. The kids played with bugs in the back yard while we sewed and chatted. We had a blast.

What will the Crafty Chicks make next? Stay tuned.


Jill said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your cute apron. Do you have a pattern that you used? And I love the idea of craft day with friends once a month. I may have to steal that idea.

Thanks for always sharing your creativity! You inspire me!

Jennifer said...

Sounds like you have a wonderful group of girlfriends. They really are a necessity, aren't they?

Beautiful bracelet and cute apron!

Anonymous said...

Total ENVY! Man, I need to find some of dem dare friends in Temekula. I really need someone who knows home decor, I need help BAD!