Thursday, March 06, 2008

by the way, it's spring

When did Spring get here and where was I? Most likely working away at my bench. The bees are out in full force (or not) and as busy as, well bees can be. The ornamental plum in our front yard is absolutely gorgeous.

Who knew peach blossoms were so bright?

It seems that Spring has pushed its way into our little world. I am starting to glaze longingly at my shorts and linen tops. I changed out my black purse for my new Petunia Pickle Bottom (see previous post for full view of said wonder purse). Easter is only a couple of weeks away for heaven's sake! I have been shopping here and there already for Easter basket items. If anyone out there has any great ideas for a four-year-old boys Easter basket, please let me know. I'm a little stumped. If it were up to me he would get like ten T-shirts from Dress Me, but clothes don't go over too good these days.

Maybe I have been feeling the season change.

I made this the other day.


Jennifer said...

Gorgeous pictures. I'm glad spring is somewhere - it's 29 degrees here this morning!
Oh, the bird necklace! LOVE IT!

Urban Doll said...

i LOVE this! So pretty and kind of vintage - great colors.