Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Today is my birthday. I really don't feel 34, more like 27 or 26. Thirty years ago and thousands of miles away I posed for this photo in my backyard. My father had just started to dabble in photography and his two daughters, Irish twins at only eleven months apart, were one of his favorite subjects. I'm the one on the right with lighter hair and an impish grin.

I had a magical childhood that I can only hope to recreate for my own children. It's a work in progress.

I have glimpses of magic in the quiet moments with Thomas. Today, as I sat working on a pair of earrings, we had a long discussion/debate on how pill bugs sleep. These are the things that are important to a four-year-old.

I wonder as I look at this photo what was important to me then? Thirty years later, I'm sure the things I value have changed, but it is still the small minutiae of life.

These are a few of my favorite things:
The sound of Thomas laughing
The sun on my bare shoulders and a cold drink in my hand
Getting under fresh clean sheets
M&M's first thing in the morning
Rocking a baby to sleep
Eating Sushi with my husband
Long runs on sunny days
Shopping with my sisters
A streak free kitchen sink
Laying under a Christmas tree
A really good flee market
A secret stash of gummy bears
Picking out plants for our yard
Watching Finn yawn and stretch in the morning
Guffawing with my girlfriends
Fireworks on the beach

Except for a small episode this morning that involved laying on the bed to get my jeans buttoned with the peanut gallery (namely one small boy and his dog) cheering me on, this has been a good birthday. I finished these earrings, which I am rather proud of. I think they are romantic.


Jill said...

Happy Bday April! My card is in the mail, but will be late. (Please forgive me!)

Hope you had a fantastic day! I am incredibly grateful to count you among one of my closest friends. I cannot wait to see you in two weeks.

Happy birthday! Lots of love,

Jennifer said...

Happy belated birthday!
What a wonderful list of your favorite things.
And (of course) GORGEOUS earrings!