Tuesday, April 29, 2008

holding on

Last Friday there was a shark attack. A 66 year-old man was training for a triathlon and was attacked by a 15-17 foot great white shark. Both of his legs were severed and he bled out before his fellow athletes could get him to shore. His wife was waiting for him on the beach.

This horrific incident took place just south of the beach we like to think of as "ours". The beaches were closed down and a small fleet of boats and helicopters set out on a shark hunt. It was all very "Jaws-isque".

Another bit of terrifying news is that the boy has taken to calling me dude and insists upon pouring his own breakfast cereal. He has declared a moratorium on mommy kisses and says he no longer needs me to walk him to class. Now, it is true, that, left up to me, the proverbial apron strings would be tied tautly around his neck. However, must he pull away so abruptly? Must he be so bold as he strikes out on his own?

I worry. I worry that the older children will tell him there is no Santa, that he will fall and gouge an eye out, that someone will make him feel stupid or embarrassed.

And so today he announced his intention to become a "surfer" this summer. Isn't that fabulous considering the recent events? The truth of the matter is, I think I'd rather take our chances with oceanic wildlife than send him out into society. At least the monsters of the ocean are only looking for a meal.

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