Wednesday, April 09, 2008


All I really wanted to do today was knit.

Instead, I made these earrings, did the wash, went to the post office, cleaned up several messes made by boy/dog, hooked up a new modem, had a new washer/dryer delivered, cleaned up the yard and started sewing new valances for my kitchen. What can I say? Life forces me to be somewhat productive. Maybe when I become a great-grandmother I can spend my days knitting. For now I must go get a crying boy to go to sleep.


jensdesign772 said...

Hi, I saw your link on Indiepublic. I really like your blog and jewelry. I like the bird necklace in your slide show on the right. Can you make another? How much is that one? Your blog is really nice. :) ( I will put it in my list of favorites on my blog if you dont mind!)

mine is

Anonymous said...

Ok all I did was take my kid to school and exercise. However, I did think about touching up the walls, planting the ground cover, mopping the floors, folding the clothes and getting a washer/dryer delivered.