Monday, April 07, 2008

retail therapy

Here's the deal. Retail therapy works. For me, it works. This is why, if for no other reason, the internet is a fabulous thing. When you feel like crap and need a little therapy, you don't even have to remove the mascara from under your eyes before you start the healing. I love, LOVE, much to Sugar Daddy's chagrin, to shop on the web. I love to fill my shopping cart with every little thing I fancy even though I seldom actually buy anything. I use the word "seldom" liberally.

So after an entire week of bemoaning the fact that my womb is a barren waste land, I picked myself up by my Ralph Lauren boot straps and shopped. I was under strict orders to buy something fun with the money my parents sent me for my birthday, so what can I say? I obliged.

No, I didn't get everthing here. Just the lantern vase that I had been coveting for a few weeks. Thanks, Mom and Dad.

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Jill said...

April ... I think you should have bought it all! You deserve it! Just tell Sugar Daddy that he owes you for the pain and suffering you endured during law school. That ought to still count, right?

I can't wait to see you! We'll wallow in our misery together and perhaps even indulge in a little more retail therapy. It's the magical balm that heals all wounds! Love ya!