Sunday, December 21, 2008

in lieu of tea

I had really good intentions. It's the thought that counts right? Or is that just drivel to make people feel better? I meant to get invitations out. Really I did. I thought of each and everyone of the friends that make my life a happier place to be. I thought about us sitting around the table with frou frou sandwiches and charming tableware, laughing and enjoying the season together. I even thought about the sweet little gifts that I would place on each plate. It was a great party. In my mind.

December, and all of its events plotted against me and now it is too late. Time and money have a way of raining on the grandiose plans my little brain concocts. The Christmas Tea Party Extravaganza must wait until next year.

And so, in lieu of fancy tea cups and smoked salmon finger sandwiches, I am sending out an extra special Christmas message to all my surrogate sisters.

Old Friends

photo by tara whitney

New Friends

Kindred Spirits

Merry Christmas Darlings! I hope that your holiday is merry and bright. I hope for you all the things you wish in your heart and most of all, I hope to laugh with you many times in the new year.

Consider this a quick kiss on each cheek, a hug and a check to make sure you look fabulous with no mascara smudges.

Much love, April

photo by

tara whitney

* Dear friends, if perchance your lovely face doesn't appear here on his post, it is only because I don't have a photo of you at my fingertips, and you know how lazy I can be. Please enable my indolent ways by sending me a photo to add.


Michelle Springer said...

Let me be the first to wish you Happy Holidays! Oh, and is that my favourite picture of you? I think it is! Just the black and white version, which is equally as stunning :)

Kari said...

Such a great picture of you. And I like your new ID photo with the blue door--or is it not that new, but I'm just getting around to seeing it? Very homey and fresh.

Merry, merry to you and your boys.

Laura said...

my first time stopping by, and your photos are soooooooooo beautiful!

Jill said...

This comes with much love and kisses back to you, dear friend! I wish we lived closer. I miss your warm friendship, your endless creativity and the way you inspire me.

Please give our love to Ben and Thom. Best wishes for a VERY Merry Christmas and the best in the coming year!

PS Thank you for the cute gift. You always send the funnest things.

Mama Marks said...

That's so lovely April, I might just have to book my ticket now for next years "The Christmas Tea Party Extravaganza", much love to you and your family, hope your Christmas wish comes true, loadsa love Jo xx

clare b said...

Missing you! Would love to come visit you during the festive season. Stunning photos by the way - I love the montage of paintbrushes etc. And the stunning teacups... sounds like a thoroughly lovely way to spend an afternoon. Merry Christmas to you and may 2009 be HUGE. XX