Tuesday, December 16, 2008

i got half

Do you see this incredibly handsome and suave guy? Take note of his kind eyes and strong Native American nose. This is my guy. As of today, he has been mine for half of his life.

Happy birthday Stinky Bear. I love you.


Terri Fisher said...

Happy Birthday! Great photos!

Michelle Springer said...

I am sure he just loves it when you call him Stinky Bear on your blog. Hahahaha!

Sin City Spuds said...

Congratulations! I'm going to wonder forever now just how old your hubby is. Although in August Dave and I will have known eachother half our lives.

No Christmas posts yet? I'm dying to see what kind of gorgeousness is going on at your house!

s zuklich said...

happy bday to your man!

Jill said...

Hey B-Rock! Happy late birthday!

Love the pictures you two! What a gorgeous couple!

Miss you tons! Have a wonderful holiday!