Wednesday, December 03, 2008

sugar free

As hard as I try, I can't seem to keep stress from creeping in during the holidays. I feel it crawling up my back and pinching the back of my neck. And the worst part is, I'm off sweets. Yes, the time has come to crack down and loose some pounds.

I know you must be thinking "Silly girl, doesn't she know it is Christmas!?" Yes, I am all too aware. I am aware of every ounce of sugar in my house. But, the time has come, and so I must go forth, without.

Until Christmas day of course, then all bets are off.


Tollestrup Family said...

I feel your pain. You know when candy canes start making your mouth water that you are in full sugar depravation.

Kimberly said...

holy crap girlfriend. no sweets?! i'm pretty sure i would die. i definitely couldn't do it at this time of year.

it's pretty damn funny too, that stressed is desserts backwards.

Karen C. Brown, MS said...

I am doing the same thing and wondering if I just looooovve torture! Arg!