Wednesday, December 31, 2008

wild child

As a parent, I want my son to experience all kinds of different things in his life. I want him to eat sushi and chew on tree sap until it turns to gum. I want him to feel snowflakes on his face and salt water up his nose. I want him to know how a GPS and a handheld compass work. In short, I want him to experience his life fully, to be able to look beyond the bleakness of modern life and embrace the inherent beauty that surrounds us.

I bought this book for Sugar Daddy for Christmas.

I found it on my friend's reading list, and being the Survivor Man that he is, I knew my husband would love it.

He does.

The boy went skiing for the first time yesterday.

He fell down A LOT. And I'm glad that he did. It teaches him perseverance.

At times I am sad that I live so far away from my family. It would be so nice to see them more often. But then I am reminded just how lucky I am. My son will grow up knowing about the ocean and the beach, and when we make our pilgrimages to my parents house he learns about snow and mountain life. Hopefully we can give him the experiences he will need to be a well rounded, happy adult.

Survivor Man Dad has specific plans to start the wilderness indoctrination as soon as possible.


Laura said...

my new years resolution...GET THAT BOOK. Anything to pry my kids away from the flat screen, and wii...

happy new year!

clare b said...

That is a truly beautiful quote. I love it. I have been meaning to do bushwalking a little more since June.. and have no excuses now. Will get out there tomorrow. Thank you for giving me a kick up the butt.

Kari said...

Good book. One of my favorites, too. Feels like it was written for my boy, specifically and helps me to understand him so much better.