Thursday, December 18, 2008


Today is officially Christmas cookie baking day. I know that Thom would LOVE to stay home from school and help bake. He loves making anything in the kitchen. But, there are too many fun things going on at his school to let him miss. That, and the grubby hand factor. There is a lot of finger licking and touching of everything that goes on when I cook with Thom.

That's the way it is with kids. They get into the nitty gritty of every project. This is why, I'm sorry to report, if you give my family a plate of homemade goodies, and declare that the children helped make them, I will thank you profusely and then promptly deposit them in the round file as soon as I shut the door. I know this is a terribly cruel thing to do, not to mention wasteful, but it is a hurdle (mysophobia) I am yet to overcome. Further more, I will probably lie and tell you your cookies were delicious when you ask. These are my deep black secrets I like to publicly air on the internet.

I am currently in the process of picking out a charity to donate to. Hopefully this will balance out the equilibrium of my bad deeds.

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Kari said...

Okay, I am officially out-holidayed. Who can compete with those cookies--they are gorgeous.

Mama Marks said...

Just to clarify April, are they yours??!! :-) If you told me Thom had helped you make them & given me a batch, I wouldn't eat them either ... but only so I could gaze at them, & keep them as gorgeous decorations!

Bec said...

What a lovely article! Love your page. =) Merry christmas. x

Jill said...

April ... I COMPLETELY and 100% agree with you! I am a treat snob, I think. So, thank you for confessing and please, don't apologize. You never know who's grubby hands have touched those snacks.

By the way ... if you made those gorgeous creations that are pictured on your blog ... I can no longer be your friend. You are FAR too talented to associate with the likes of me!

Much love!