Tuesday, March 02, 2010

small but mighty

Small but Mightly Letter Scroll

I'm not much of a scrapper or a journal keeper or note taker for that matter.

But I do blog. Pretty regularly. And I think that counts for something. I keep saying I'm going to get books made of each year I've written Suaviloquy. I really ought to get on that.

But I do write letters to my kids. I wanted to write a little note to Amelie on the day she was blessed. Just a few thoughts on how I felt that day and how much we love her. I thought it would be fun to make it extra special and give her a little scroll letter. It isn't big, but it holds the thoughts I want her to know when she gets older.

Amelie's Letter

I liked it so much I made one in brighter colors.

Letter Scroll

To make my "Small but Mighty Scroll Letters" you will need to get long strips of paper. I cut mine from a roll of butcher paper. I ran the strip of paper over an ink pad to give it a little color.

I then doodled the back side and wrote my letter on the front. I used sticky dots to adhere the end of the paper to the spool.

I used wooden ribbon spools. They are longer and skinnier than thread spools and I like the way they look like little scrolls. But I also think old wood thread spools would be really cute. I sorted through my beads and found the perfect pair. Then I sorted through my ribbons and found just the right one to tie the beads onto each side of the spool.


I also thought that you could get iron-on transfer paper, type your message and then transfer it onto the back of ribbon or strips of fabric. I think I might try that next.

This is a kid friendly craft project. Of course there are a billion variations you could do to make it more or less mature. I'm going to have the boy make them for his teachers at the end of the year.

If you make some, send me the pics! I love to see where people take my ideas.


Stef said...

Just darling! Where do you get the spools? I just have to do these and put the spools in my girls' keepsake boxes. Thank you for another most clever idea!

the emily said...

SO clever. There is no end to your creativity! I'm so glad you had your girl before I had mine (tomorrow!!) so I can steal all of your ideas. Thank you!

Elizabeth said...

What a wonderful idea. But then I think about what MINE would look like...

Deb said...

So cute... and will be so precious for your little one when she is old enough to appreciate the effort, time and love that went into it! Your creativity is inspiring. L)

From the Kitchen said...

Very special project. Where do you find wooden ribbon spools?

Cindy at LottieBird said...

oooh, that's a lot of pressure. Not only coming up with a beautiful idea, but being in tune enough with your thoughts to record them forever.

That's why my scrapbooks are empty.

(and my daughter recently opened a "time machine" in which I'd written her a letter when I was expecting her. It was not nearly eloquent enough to express the feelings I had. And those feelings have intensified exponentially in the last 20 years. maybe one for each birthday?)

stacy di said...

what a clever idea! I just love it!

Natalie* said...

what a charming idea - you never cease to amaze me.