Friday, January 21, 2011

a heart"felt" valentine

I gotta be honest. Wooly week has been a little, well, hairy.  I would love for my life to be organized and inspired and all that good stuff, but my children have decided it will be otherwise.  It's really quite scary how these little people rule my life.

I have many more wool projects I would like to share, but a week really isn't that much time to get everything in.  I plan on posting my wool craft ideas every now and then, when my time allows. Or I guess I should say, when my children allow.

Here's a little Valentine idea for your sweety.  Embroidered felt slippers.  I paired them with some of my other favorite things- chocolate, a good read, pink lemonade and a vintage hanky.

You don't need much felt to make these slippers.  The pattern I used called for a double layer of felt, but if I make them again, I will just use a single layer of thicker felt.

I altered the pattern a little by cutting a notch in the top. I also cut my slippers a little more roomy in the toe so that they had a clog look to them and added pom pom to the back because, please, pom poms are always a must.  


Stef said...

Oh, how cute!! I love the little sparrow! I wanna be your sweetie!! Thanks for the daily eye candy, April.

Jessica said...

Just adorable slippers! Thanks for sharing

Laura said...

I'm amazed when a mom gets ANYTHING done
the end

good work mom

Hello*Lucky*Holly said...

Oh my good gracious that basket would be a valentine dream come true. My valentines days are notoriously awful (despite having a great husband).
And yes I agree pom poms are a must.