Wednesday, January 12, 2011


First off, yesterday I had the most enlightening doctor appointment I've ever had.  The guy listened to me. He really listened. And he asked a lot of questions. And he gave me unconventional ideas about how to get my energy back to where I need it to be.  Then he said my neck muscles where really tight and I needed a massage. Five minutes later a nurse came in and massaged my neck for twenty minutes.

I said Amen to that.

If you live in the area and you need a good doctor, I've got one for ya. Just ask me.

After the doctor, I went to spin at the gym and got my trash kicked around.  My butt hurts like hell this morning.

I had an appointment at noon to meet up with a fellow silversmith to see her studio and talk shop.  I could have walked around her house all day taking photos and manhandling stuff.  She's an artist through and through.  So glad we finally connected. You can see her work here.

Then it was back to the home front to take up my post as mommy and short order cook.

After the evening's craziness, when my babies were tucked away into their beds, I went through my jewelry box. This is a little ritual I have that makes me ever so happy.

I swear sometimes I'm like a big ol' moth to the flame when it comes to sparkly things.  Can't get enough.

I laid my weary body down next to my sleeping bear.  My head was buzzing. Full of ideas.  

I decided it is time to get back to my roots.  Silversmithing.  I decided to never quit spinning, because it makes me feel strong.  I decided that my children are, indeed, the most gorgeous human beings on the planet and my husband an amalgam of all things that I love in this world.

I fell asleep feeling restored.  

I didn't know I was off track.

I was.


Jennifer Priest said...

Glad you have found a great doctor and a new direction. Best of success and happiness!

Hi Octane Jewelry said...

Looking forward to seeing what you create. And having someone to collaborate with. I enjoyed having you over and enjoying what I have, makes it feel ok for having all these crazy collections and stuff that I have.

Kari said...

husband. an amalgam.
hilarious. and clever.

Hilary said...

Sometimes just deciding that your life is pretty darn alright is just enough. :)

Nancy W said...

Sounds like in the end it was truly a successful day!! xoxo

Katie said...

I'm glad you are back on track. Take care!