Monday, January 03, 2011

what next?

It's not that I don't have tons of ideas running ferrel throughout my brain. They rattle and squeak and cause quite a stir which keeps me up into the wee hours. They are definitely in there.

It's just that sometimes when I sit before a large white canvas, like a new year, I feel a little, well, stumped. Unsure where to place my first stroke. And what color to make it.

I need to walk around for a bit and think it all over. I need to force all my ferrel thoughts into a pleasing shape.

Maybe yoga would help.

I have some fun things to share this year. Projects. Events. Life.

Come along with me.


I made a January wallpaper to share. Click the graphic. It will take you to Flickr. Under "actions" you can choose to see the graphic in all sizes. Click this and download the original size.


Jenny said...

I know what you mean..... Love the calendar!

Erin said...


Alison said...

Thanks for the lovely calendar! Love it!

Sabrina said...

Am I lame if I still have your November one as my desktop? Thanks for the new wallpaper.

Anonymous said...

I love your calendars! I use it on my desktop and it makes me happy every single day! Thanks for being so generous! ~Betsy

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I am also love your calendars! I use it on my desktop and it makes me happy every single day!

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