Thursday, January 20, 2011

you've got balls

A year or so ago, I saw this wreath on Pickles blog.  I was smitten and I set out to make my own.  I ordered all the roving I would need to make it. I started making the balls. I made about ten and said screw it, this is taking forever. I decided to buy the felt balls already made. Then I found out how much the wreath would end up costing me and I decided to bag the whole idea.

I still want a felted ball wreath, but I'm not willing to do the work or pay someone else to do the work.  I will just have to admire Pickles.

So now I have an unused supply of felt roving. But it has been fun to play with. I've made some jewelry pieces like the earrings I am giving away. (If you haven't entered to win them you have until Sunday. Enter on Tuesday's post.)  I bought several books on felting little animals and such. I haven't done this yet but I plan to.

I bought some felting needles and I'm just waiting for a free afternoon (haha) to try my hand at felting a rabbit or a penguin. A penguin with a red bow tie would make a very sweet Valentine no?

I thought about posting a tutorial on how to make felt balls, but to tell you the truth, I ran out of time and there are many tutorials already online.  This one is really good, if you can stand to listen to her monotone voice.

If you are interested in learning more about this craft, you should check out my friend Emily Falconbridge's blog. She does beautiful work with wool and she sometimes teaches online courses.

P.S. If you want a good laugh, go to Etsy and look at all the things people are needle felting. Some of it is cree-peeee.


Christina said...

Maybe instead of a wreath there is a smaller project that would fit the bill....picture frame.

I LOVE needle felting and have gotten several friends started on it. We find it very theraputic to stab away with the needle while making something cute. I have made the penguin and several other of the animals in the book and they really are cute. The pigs curly tail will forever be a fave accomplishment! As Mikey says..try it, you'll like it!!

Hi Octane Jewelry said...

I bought a felting needle thing a mo bobber at black sheep. Love that store. And I picked up some wool felt squares at Maisonnette. I want to make those mittens in the Swedish book. Oh and this skirt I will have to show you next time you are over.

margie said...

you are so funny...