Monday, January 31, 2011

simply the sweet life

Well now here we are on a Monday morning. Just like that. Good grief. What happened to last week? 

I guess I was so busy getting ready for CHA that the days slipped past me.

Here's what I have for you today: 

Please click on over to Simply the Sweet Life magazine and check out the Valentine's ideas in the Winter issue. One of which comes from little ol' moi.

Also, here are some pics from Margie's booth at CHA.  They aren't grand photos. The lighting in the convention center was crappy.  But you'll get the general idea.

The little masterpiece below was made by Jen Jensen.  I like to call her "The Desert Rose" because she lives in a very small town in Southern Utah. She's like a little hidden treasure.

I created a kite for the booth using Margie's "Jubilee" line of papers.

I stitched the paper together to form a patchwork that looked like fabric.

The tail wrapped around the wall. I used everything from muffin cups to tickets on a roll in the tail.

My good friend Jen Vu tagged along with me for the weekend. We had such a fun time together. She also created the most amazing bird cage using the "Vintage Whimsy" line.  I didn't get a usable photo of her project but it was a site to behold.


Laurie said...

Great kite, great pics!! Wish I could have been there, Margie has great stuff, hope she was successful at the show.

Hilary said...

K, that is simply adorable! :)

Sharon said...

Margie is one of my favorites! How fun to see these photos...they simply make me happy :)

chrissy said...

your kite is simply splendid.
i LOVE margie.
she was staff for me when i went to Brave Girls Camp and i fell madly in love with her.
who wouldn.t.
so happy i somehow meandered over here.
lovely blog.

And U Jest said...

That kits is simply adorable... and so is Jen Jensons..does she have a blog?
Would love to see a tutorial on the kite!

Princess Danell said...

Color me jealous in so many ways! Hanging with Margie, CHA, cool and creative ideas that must just "come" to you, CHA. Would love to see what Jen came up with. Did anyone get some good photos of Margie's booth?