Wednesday, January 19, 2011

wenig Überzieher

This just in: 

Apparently sheep rustling is on the rise in Great Britain. People stealing sheep. Can you believe that?  I guess, just like all the other problems in the world, they are blaming it on globalization. I mean what does that really mean anyway? Globalization. Why do they have to be so fancy? Can't they just say lamb costs too much so criminal folk are nipping them off the country side and selling them on the black market? That is what's really happening.  Let's speak plain English here. The Queen's English, if you will.

So I was thinking about this phenomenon and I was wondering about the sheep.  What must it be like for these animals? Out grazing one minute. In the back of a truck, bouncing around, the next.  And some of these sheep are pedigreed mind you. These aren't all low brow,  country folk sheep.  

Me thinks it might feel a bit like the train to Auschwitz.

"Where are they taking us dear?" A ewe might say.

"Well Edna, I'm sure I have no idea. I mean this is simply preposterous! Absolutely uncivil."

"I hadn't a chance to gather my things! Oh what about the babies Love? Who will feed the babies? "

"We'll get it sorted soon enough. Surely there has been some kind of mistake. A paper work blunder or something of that type.  Don't fret darling. "

Sad really. The fate of those pedigreed sheep.  Well all the sheep for that matter.  

I am calling for a moratorium on eating lamb until this crime wave passes.  I don't eat lamb so it shouldn't be hard.

Now back to the regularly scheduled program of Wooly Week.

I saw this wool jacket on a blog I love. The author of the blog and maker of the jacket is Maren of Die Andere Seite. 

Have you ever seen anything so sweet in your whole entire life? Really. I die.  And I wanted one for my doll Amelie.

So I wrote Maren and pleaded my case. I wrote my letter and then I used google to translate it. She was so kind and agreed to make Amelie her own wenig Überzieher,  little overcoat, and asked if I could just write in English because the translation was strange.  Sometimes I do the dumbest things.  And people are still nice to me. I like it when that happens.

Here's Amelie's coat. It's a little too big. I think she will wear it next Fall. I love it dearly.  The sewing is ridiculously perfect.  Maren is a gifted artist.

And here's more of Maren's handicraft.  Pop on over to her blog. Maybe she will make you a coat too. But not like mine Amelie's.  No, hers is special.

Photos are also by Maren


Jen said...

OHHH April you made my day! This post was hilarious! Gorgeous little jacket!

Hilary said...

I'm pretty sure it scares the #@%^ out of them, if you know what I mean. :)
And that coat is A-dorable!

Die andere Seite said...

Thank you so much for your kind words ;0) and the nice post about the jacket, I really enjoyed to made the little jacket for Amelie!!
Warm regards,

Jennifer said...

Mamma Mia! I do ADORE! Both Birdie and her new coat.