Wednesday, April 20, 2011

happy makers

Don't you just love the great big thirty-six inch balloons?  They just scream happy. Happy, happy, happy. No fighting or poopy diapers or stubbed toes. Just happy.

I knew there was something I could do with one other than just skip around and, you know, be happy. 

And yes, indeed, there was.

A pink hot air balloon to float your easter basket? I say yes to that.

Photos were taken by my good friend Kelly at Bubba-Loo Photography. Check her out.

There are more fun Easter ideas on the SPARK blog today too.


ahollandetc said...

these photos are so beautiful, i want to cry! i am dying at how amazing those embellished balloons are...where and when to use them...thanks for always sharing your lovely finds.

(whenever i try to post a comment to your blog i get an error message...hopefully it works this time!)

Danee said...

Oh my gosh that balloon is the most interesting and cool and beautiful thing I have seen in a long time. I wold have never thought of that- sometimes I hate seeing how much my imagination lacks. thanks so much for sharing.

Nancy W said...

What an awesome idea!! Thanks for sharing this!!