Wednesday, April 27, 2011

note to self

Dear Self,

Just who do you think you are?  Word: You can't do everything every time.  

You can't be baking all the time if you want to loose weight.

You can't  be good at any one thing if you try to be good at everything. Choose.

Stop signing up. Stop apologizing. Stop with the guilt.

Focus, focus, focus.

News flash! You aren't Wonder Woman.  You can't deflect negative comments like bullets off wristbands. As much as you think you can.

You need to process your feelings.  You need to call your best friend and have a little therapy session.  

And one more thing, you really need professional help with those brows. They are way out of wack.

That is all for now.




margie said...

YOU go GIRL...
You are amazing and can do anything!
kiss kiss

laurie said...

I agree with Margie... :)

Julie Kirk said...

Just wanted to say - yes - I hear you. I leave myself notes like that at times.

Other times I leave notes which say it's OK to be me + human. And that my brows look fine too!


Anonymous said...

Cuban Food to celebrate?? Guess who?

ChelMo said...

Newsflash: the real difference between you and Wonder Woman in a frilly apron? Personality. Yours is much better.