Thursday, April 21, 2011

life with this boy

Thom:  Mom! Look! Look! Look! That lady looks just like you. Like exactly. She's like your body double!

Me: Where? Who are you talking about?

Thom: That lady. Moooom. See where I'm pointing? That lady by the elevator.

Me: (looking)

Thom: Right there with the white pants.

Me: (shocked and appalled) That lady?

Thom: Yeah. Yeah. She looks just like you mom.

Me: That lady is fat. Thom, that lady is really fat!

Thom: Uh.

Me: You think I look just like her? Is that what I look like?

Thom: Uh.

Me: That's great. That's just great.

Thom: No mom her hair. See her hair? It's your color and she has a bum on the back of her head just like you.

Me: A bum?

Thom: Yeah. You always have a bum in your hair.

Me: Thanks.

Thom: You're welcome.


Yes, I do favor the messy bun look.
No, I do not usually point out people's weight to my children.
Yes, I have some weight to loose myself.
No, I did not buy him the Captain Underpants book he asked for shortly after this conversation.


Laurie said...

that's hilarious!! thanks for the laugh...isn't it funny what comes out of kids mouths, last night my 14 year old was standing behind me and told me I am bald on the back of my head...thank you very much, I know my hair is thinning, do I need reminder?

april said...

My best friend Jenny's daughter told her that her forehead looks like freckled pizza dough. That made her feel good.

PaperPumpkin said...

hahahahahaha. I really can't stop smiling and chuckling. I was just reently talking to someone else about the darn things kids say...As a classroom teacher of second graders, I hear a lot of funny ones. (I REALLY do take them all with a grain of salt...!)My neighbor's daughter told her teacher that her parents recycle alot...a lot of wine bottles! "Our recycling bin is always full!

*Chris* said...

My nephew pointed out, while hugging me, that he couldn't make his fingers touch in the back...of course this means his little arms can't get around me. So cute I'm sure:)

Bonnie said...

Classic! Kids tell it like it is! We can't hide our flaws...but we love them nonetheless! Thanks for sharing your sweet story! (sorry he missed out on the captain underpants book! :)

Elizabeth said...

I know this all too well - my youngest son recently told me "You've seen better days, Mom -- "

I like to tell him that he's lucky he's alive in this decade and not the seventies when remarks like that called for a slap across the face or the switch!