Wednesday, April 06, 2011

a true friend stabs you in the front

I have some pretty freaking amazing friends.

No kidding. I have a capital set of cronies.  I'm just lucky I guess.

Some of these exceptional people are navigating rough seas in this wild ride we call life.

And I just want to say to them- damn it all.  I wish I could lift your burdens.  

Problem is, I'm short on wisdom.  

But I got some chocolate and a listening ear.

And I will always tell you the truth as I see it.  Always.

A true friend stabs you in the front. -Oscar Wilde


Jill said...

You have lots of great friends because YOU are an amazing friend! Thanks for being so good to me for all of these years. Just wish we lived closer. Miss you lots and love you more!

Terri Fisher said...

Couldn't do life as well without friends...hope yours get through their trials soon!

rebekah said...

this is awesome! thank for the quote and the thoughts

tollestrupfamily said...

The bummer with friends and children is that you are only as happy as your most miserable friend/child. Which makes it a roller coaster of life. Should we do lunch sooner than the 26th? I'm up for it. :)

margie said...

love you friend...