Sunday, June 15, 2008

design sunday

Okay- here it is, my new favorite t-shirt company and worthy cause all wrapped into one.

Topo Ranch is a dream . . .

In the beginning, it was the dream of Alex’s great, great grandfather, Edward Breen. He survived the Donner Party and founded the original Topo Ranch. Located between Monterey and San Benito counties, those 20,000 acres were part of the Mexican San Lorenzo land grant. Throughout the late 1800’s and early 1900’s the spread was a cattle ranch, fig tree farm, supplier of wool to the U.S. Cavalry, and even used for Western films by the likes of Gary Cooper. Eventually, the bank foreclosed on it, like so many casualties of the Great Depression.

The “Topo” for which the ranch was named is Spanish slang for that stretch of land’s most populous inhabitants. We gave him wings to symbolize the rise of Topo Ranch once again, and to give flight to
our dream of buying back the ranch. We can both look back on five generations of California dreamers, but it was Edward Breen’s pioneering spirit that inspired us to follow our dreams. We hope our quality dry goods inspire you to follow yours.

Alex & Eric

Adventure 16 carries Topo Ranch t-shirts and I usually look for them there. However, they are opening retail locations. One is open in Venice and another one is under construction in Boulder. I may have to take a road trip up to the Venice store.

Topo Ranch has come up with a great line of clothing. It isn't cheap, but they need a large profit margin if they are ever going to buy back that ranch. I for one, will be happy to help them.

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annie said...

super cool stuff. i'm digging it.