Monday, June 02, 2008

once bitten, twice shy

A few months ago I sent in my donation (three pair of earrings) to the Craft for China fundraiser. Please take a few minutes and check out the Craft for China website and then go to the Ebay auction which just opened yesterday. It is for a very good cause and there are really great things being auctioned off.


Yesterday was the FCC Kite Festival Picnic. The highlights were flying kites, of course, (Thomas got a spiffy Spiderman kite from Target), Sparkles the clown, Ben getting stung by a bee, and me getting bitten by a squirrel. Yes, you read that right. A squirrel.

Tell me, what kind of brazen rodent thinks they can take on a human? What is this world coming to? I know they are rationing rice at Costco and gas prices are causing a small hysteria in the suburbs, but really, has the mania trickled down to rodents? Are they rising up in revolt?

Thankfully, he didn't break the skin. I was, however, extremely embarrassed by the screech I let out when he chomped down on my thumb. I recoiled in humiliation to my lawn chair where Ben sat pulling a stinger from the bottom of his foot. I heard the soft murmured questions from the spectators. "She was bit by what? A what? A squirrel? Was she harassing it? Well, she shouldn't be feeding them anyway. You did say is was a squirrel right?"

All this just because I didn't have another Ghirardelli brownie to share with with the scoundrel. Ingrate.

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Anonymous said...

Ha ha you got bit, that is hilarious! Those damn rodents. He was just jealous of what you got and couldnt handle it. You're just so hot right now!