Thursday, June 12, 2008

passive aggression

One of my *Amelies is to open the bedroom shutters on a sunny morning. Sugar Daddy is like a vampire, in that he insists on sleeping in total darkness. So the shutters are clamped tight so no street lamp light can leak through. He even covers the little blue light on the TV. I personally find it a little bazaar, but it doesn't bug me too much so every night we sleep in pitch black.

In the morning, after the vampire leaves for work, I love to throw open the shutters and call out to the birds, Cinderella style. And they come. Not because of my angelic voice. No, No. I was not blessed with the gift of song (not that I don't sing anyway). I entice/coerce the birds to come to me with bird seed, sugar water, berries- you name it. I am not above using manipulation and coercion, as seen in my parenting style. Think Cinderella, only smarter.

So the last week or so, I have eagerly opened the shutters only to be met with the annoying sound of yard construction. Don't get me wrong. I think it is wonderful that our neighbors are improving their property- even if it is the absolute dumbest thing to do right now considering the housing market. The problem is, after two years of serious construction noise in our new housing tract, I thought everyone in our neighborhood was pretty much done with their yard.

I can barely hear "my" birds singing over the sound of the brick cutter. It is a screechy sound that goes strait to my nerves and I must admit that I have a burning desire to march over there- through the wet cement- and smack them over the head with a shovel. But I won't, because I am passive aggressive to people I barely know and also, it's against the law.

* An Amelie, according to my family, is something that you secretly love to do. If you have seen the movie Amelie, you know what I am talking about. Some of my Amelies include: pulling radishes from the dirt, opening cans of soda, picking price stickers off new items, running my hands through strands of beads, saying the word mochacho, (I try to work it in whenever possible), kissing my mochacho when he is sleeping and driving along the 101 with the windows down.

I am totally fascinated by the little things other people love to do. What is your Amelie? Leave a comment and check out this blog.

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Apryl said...

I never thought about little things I love to do, or that I just love til reading this blog. I suppose my Amelies are smelling puppy breath (new puppies are the only dogs I will allow to kiss me cuz I love it), eating beautiful, warm tomatoes right off the vine, hold my babies (who are now 5 & 3) while they are sleeping, & I love to read April Meeker's blog.