Wednesday, June 11, 2008

have you heard the exciting news about cool whip?

Today was preschool "graduation". Is it not almost embarrassing how these days, kids "graduate" from every grade? But it was fun to go to. Thom's class sang and danced for the parents. Sugar Daddy couldn't make it. He is entrenched in preparation for a trial that I fear may cause a heart attack. If not that, then at least premature aging.

After much deliberation, (which I won't burden you with here, because I know that, after years of childlessness, it is extremely boring to hear about other people's children's education) we have decided not to send The Rodent to kindergarten next year. Instead, he will go to a class at the same preschool which is in between preschool and kindergarten. In fact, we love his school so much that we plan to keep him there K-8th grade.

Anyway, with summer break here, I am on the hunt for fun, educational (or quasi) kid projects. If you have one that you think is fab, leave a comment and let me know about it. Here is the first craft we will be making.

Those people over at Martha Stewart Omnimedia sure are crafty!

On a more serious note, I wanted to let everyone know the exciting news that Cool Whip now comes in a can! I am seriously psyched about this because Cool Whip is the one processed food that I absolutely love, even if it is essentially like eating PVC pipe. Imagine, making wonderful little Cool Whip stars on Jell-O, strawberry shortcake, fresh berries, pudding. . . ahhhh, the possibilities are endless.


Anonymous said...

I love that we had blogs now a days where people can talk about how excited they are about cool whip in can! I love the picture of Ben and Tom. It reminds me of a fun Saturday morning. Hope all is well. Call me when you are in town so we can do lunch!

annie said...

I think the Goo cars will be a must do for us this summer too. Thanks for the great idea.