Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Yippee! Got some great exposure today for Secondsister Jewelry. For the third time ever, I made the front page. For all you laymen out there, this is kind of a big deal.

I found this amusement park coin at a local antique shop. It has a great old patina on it. It tried to do a little research on the Ellwest Jolar amusement park, but it seems it is long gone and there isn't any information readily available. Anyway, it is a really neat old token that says "Heads I Win" on one side and "Tails I Lose" on the other. I love the vintage look the of glass beads. They are Czechoslovakian. I threw in some crystal and jade for good measure.

Thomas has a knack for using grown up phrases like "well that was unexpected" and "I'm just sick and tired of this". I happen to think it is funny, and sometimes cute, when he says these things. But I wonder. Do other people think he is weird and feel sorry for him that he is an only child that spends too much time with just adults? Should I be exposing him to more four-year-olds?

Incidentally, he has also started throwing in a "damn it" every now and then. I try to keep a straight face. Really, I do try.


Vie Chaotique said...

Very cute - my friend's three year old often says - "i know but it is difficult." I am sure he got it from his mom but it is hilarious. My husband and I say it to each other all the time now.

Anonymous said...

You may be dismayed to know that token was not for a family amusement park, but for a peep show instead. I think about the 60s and later.