Wednesday, January 06, 2010

all the rage

The very small world I live in includes art. I love art. I love looking and doing and watching others do. If I were rich I'd buy a lot of art.


I'm not rich. I'm just a mom who buys her groceries at Costco and shops at discount stores. But I've found a loop hole. Artist Trading Cards. They are all the rage you know.

I'm much to lazy to go into detail about what they are so just click the link. I "wikied" it for you. (That's a new word I just made up that I'm sure will find it's way into mainstream language soon.)

Here's a card I did last week:

Here's some cards I love:

1. Hotel Chatham Paris, 2. ATC Feather Mail (2), 3. Woman, 4. Offer, 5. artist trading card assignment 2, 6. "China Girl" Artist Trading Card

You can trade cards on Etsy, Flickr, here and here. I'm sure there are a billion more places as well.
Might you like to trade with me? Show me your goods and we'll negotiate. Beware though. I'm a hard sell.


margie said...

yum delish...
maybe in your "spare" time you could make me some for my booth...
stuff is on it's way darling...

Terresa said...

I started doing card art back in 1998. I went to
paper and rubber stamp conventions where my friends and I traded them and collected them.

While I've slowed down making them more recently, I made them for mother's blessingways (baby showers), birthdays, etc. They are each a piece of art, unique.

I miss making them. Thanks for the reminder.

Jen Fox said...

ATCs were definitely my major creative outlet last year! Mine were more of mini scrapbook pages, but oh how I admire the tiny artwork you created with the Brighten ATC you shared! Love it, actually!

jaz said...

gorgeous - WOW!!