Monday, January 11, 2010

in defense of loafing

We spent Saturday afternoon laying on our backs on a patch of grass near the sea. We watched the clouds go by.

I think people should do more loafing. I'm all for a healthy dose of lollygagging, puttering, lazing, musing and daydreaming.

Just a little everyday.

It's best with someone who's hand you aren't too shy to hold.

And not when you are supposed to be finding your shoes before school.


Jill said...

Birdie ... you get to be more gorgeous every day! We miss you guys and hope you're all doing well.

Lots of love ... "Aunt" Jill

Elizabeth said...

That's an astounding photo. Her eyes are magnificent. I love to lounge and loaf as well, and it's sad to have to be reminded to do so...

Anonymous said...

"At the beach...time you enjoyed wasting, is not time wasted." T.S. Elliot

Cindy said...

I had fallen behind in my blog reading recently. I missed your words and the way you appreciate beauty. What a joy to catch up this AM. I don't even know you, but you inspire me. Thanks for sharing your vision and words.