Thursday, January 14, 2010

these boys

You see these boys?

They make me laugh all the time.

They tease and tickle and sometimes, just sometimes, they pout.

Both these boys love to be in the kitchen making something delicious.

Both these boys hate to make their bed in the morning.

Both these boys cuddle up to me and flash a big smile when they want something.

They have the exact same color of eyes and their ears are identical.

Every night they have a man talk. No girls allowed.

But sometimes they talk about me and I listen at the door and I realize that these boys hold my heart in their hands.

photo by tara whitney


Anonymous said...

Too cute!

Elizabeth said...

so sweet -- your little boy looks a lot like you -- and the big boy looks a lot like superman

karlalala said...

y'all are just way to cute!!

Julie said...

those boys are two of my favorites!!