Saturday, January 02, 2010

the big bother

Birdie is walking around the furniture. She is tittering this way and that and falling quite a bit. I love to watch her fat little legs as she maneuvers around. The concentration on her face.

I'm trying to soak it all in. I'm trying not to forget.

Not so long ago it was the boy I was watching. I miss my baby boy. He is long gone and in his place I find a wise crackin' string bean. Every ounce of babyness was gone in a wink of the eye. Poof!

He yells at his sister when she slobbers on his toys.

He whines when she jabbers so loud he can't hear the television.

He is repulsed by her stinky diapers.

But he loves her and it is magic to me to see the two of them together. As far as Birdie is concerned, Thom can do no wrong and the closer she can be to him the better. I was never one to worry about loving a second child like I did my first. What I didn't anticipate though, is how much my love for my son grows when I watch him love his sister.


tollestrupfamily said...

You did it again.....suckerpunched into making me tear up at the end. :)


"bother" or "brother"? Thom certainly isn't a bother, but is a great big brother! :) :)

Would love to come down for a visit sometime! I'll give you a call soon.