Thursday, April 22, 2010

doin' my part

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I need an old window.

Okay, well I know I don't need one, but I've spent most of today wondering where I can find a really great old crusty window that won't cost me my first born.

Although today I might surrender him given his behavior.

So the fact of the matter is I need to find this window so I can quit obsessing over it.

What's that? Why do I need it?

I have my reasons.

Crafty reasons.

AND it's Earth Day and I'm all about repurposing. Reduce, reuse, recycle. I'm all over it. Doin' my part.

Just wish I could remember to actually take my shopping bags with me to the market.

Please no comments saying "Just put them back in your car after you unload them!", "It's easy!" "It's quick!".

Nothing is easy or quick for me these days.


Jessica C. said...

I wish I could spare and ship you some of our old windows. Our landlord just put new windows on the house and the windows we took out were from 1896 approximately.

And I'm not going to say anything about putting the bags back in your car after you unload them. if you are like me, after shopping with the kids, hauling all the groceries in, and putting them away while maintaining order and peace between the children (I only have one myself, but I keep my niece and nephew most days as well, so I have three constantly), all you want to do is shuffle them to the living room and collapse on the couch. The bags can wait.

Happy Earth Day (one day late), and let me know if you find an old window near you. Love them. :o)

Amie said...

I'm loving your blog during my morning 'bloggy' and coffee time! Your writing is touching and takes me right back to when my babies were actual "babies"! I am cheering you on! (and so sorry . . . yes, I guess I am a 'lurker'! I keep thinking about starting a blog, but haven't been brave enough or motivated enough . . .)

I always knew that when I had brand new newborns, my 'method' for 'dealing' was to draw within, stay at home, cancel the social butterfly behavior, RECLUSE! :) My friends would tease me about it, saying 'O.K. we've seen the baby, now we probablly won't see you'all again for a couple months, huh?" :) But, it was such a special time, even amidst the chaous. Time together as we got our new routines and dynamics in place after adding a new life into the mix.

I also remember extreme sleep deprivation! And I never had two babies at once! You go, girl! :) Once, I visitied my sister-in-law and packed the babies up and drove home afterward thinking I was pretty cool Momma for having it all together at that moment and makign the 'big trip'. Except I drove home barefoot! Yep, I had forgotten to put my shoes back on and drove all the way home without even noticing!!! Such a "fog" that continued lack of good sleep induces! (Hey, at least I remembered to load up and buckle the kids, right?!)

So, I'm just saying, FORGET expecting yourself to remember the grocery bags! I think you're super woman to get to the grocery store at all! And in the blink of an eye, your babies will be your big helpers and THEY will remember the re-usable grocery bags for you! They're wonderful helpers for that! :)

Have a blessed day!


P.S. Are you anywhere close to Oregon? If so, I have CUTE, OLD, BEAT UP, paned glass windows for you! And I'll even send you home with a meal to go and fresh loaf of bread (because, well, I like to feed people!) :)

Amy Lockhart said...

How funny, I just got 3 old windows the other day for all of $2.80. I got mine at the habitat restore. Check and see if you have one around your area, I come from a town of about 60,000 and we have one, so I don't think you need to live in a large area to find one. They are a great place for re-purpoused stuff. Good luck on your hunt, I think I am going to go back for more windows today, just don't tell my hubby :)

Laura said...

Have you considered looking at garage, yard, or estate sales? I found several old painted up windows and doors at a yard sale last year. Also, antique stores or salvage companies are good places to hunt.
Good Luck!

Melissa said...

I use to have a few old windows sitting in my garage. I made one into a mirror and then over the past couple of years gave the rest away. I wish I knew you would be obsessing some day. I will try and think of everyone I gave them to and see if they're really using them. I just love old windows too. There's just something about old stuff I'm drawn to.

Yvonne said...

There is nothing like old many uses. Thanks for visiting my blog and I have been reading all your posts and love it.

abode said...

SHOOT - if you came to Utah you could get a cute, crafty, crusty wondow from my shop - abode (