Thursday, April 15, 2010

twenty-ten, the year of Ben

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Okay so the recession has really kind of sucked. Is that an understatement? I think yes.

Anywho, things have been a bit of a struggle for all of us and it has put an extra strain on Sugar Daddy who takes his job as provider and sugar daddy extraordinaire very seriously.

Last New Years, he declared twenty-ten to be the Year of Ben. He was going to kick some business butt.

And so far he has made good. The meetings in China and Taiwan were a success. He hasn't even let up during all our major craziness over the last month. The guy's an animal. Oh, my in more ways than one.

Here we are. We now have three kids. It's forcing me to feel like a grown up. I'm a little scared heading into this new frontier. And I'm so glad that I have this man to walk by my side.

I know that he will make sure that our bellies are full and we each have a warm place to sleep each night.

Henry was sleeping in a drawer, but he must give it up and move into the crib when we get home.

Amelie will be sleeping in her new bed which is the cutest bed ever made for a little girl. I think I will take naps on it and pretend that it's mine.

Thom will be back in his room with the solar system glowing on the ceiling as he sleeps.

And I will be cuddled up next to Sugar Daddy, warm and happy and ready to nudge him to go get the baby.


Jill said...

I love your posts! You and Ben are truly an amazing pair and I'm glad to call you family.

We're SO looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! I'm glad that we're halfway between your parents and home! It works out perfect for us.

Give your 3 (can you believe it, 3) babies a kiss from Auntie Jill and we'll see you soon!


Jen said...

I think I like you! No really - you are an amazing woman with a gift for writing and so much more. Bless you and your beautiful family. They are lucky to have you.
Love one of your many blog stalkers
(not creepy) just JEN

Jenny said...

I love the song you have playing right now. And you really are a wonderful writer. Reading your posts makes me happy and thankful. So thank you!

Anonymous said...


Elizabeth said...

Oh, it's been such a hard year for us as well. It's difficult to keep going, sometimes, particularly with financial stress. I'm so inspired by your posts and your unique and thoughtful take on life in general. I wish you all the best. And that baby -- oh, that baby!

Kari said...

Yeah for going home! Home is good. A swift and pleasant journey to you all--may you find many naps on the other side.

brooke said...

oh yey!!! so glad you get to go home with your beautiful little man with your beautiful family!!!! still so so so excited for you!!!

p.s. that drawer looks comfy!! hmmm...wonder where i can find one in my size?!?

the emily said...

Hurray for going home! He is, quite simply, BEAUTIFUL. I'm so excited for your family.

I feel like a grown up all of a sudden too. Something about my 30th birthday and my 3rd kid within 2 weeks of each other made it happen. Sad.

Laura said...

hmmmmmm.....all that talk about sleeping....with three kids???????????? Now, you are beautiful..your husband beautiful...your children beautiful...your home are talented beyond belief, in your artistry, mothering,, should you have ALL THAT, AND your kids sleep...well...I will be insanely jealous of you, as opposed to just slightly jealous.

And if I looked that cute sleeping in a drawer, I would cram myself into one right now. In fact, I might try it tonight....

margie said...

life is good...not perfect,sometimes it is different than what we planned...full of surprises and blessings...You and your family are a surprise blessing in my life...i will miss having you here in Utah, but know it's time for you to be home together as a family...i will miss travels...I will pray for sanity...Laughing...a little...
kiss kiss

Jeanette said...

Nice to see Henry sleeping so peacefully. Obviously, he is home already. Beautiful.

Rachel said...

what a beautiful face. i bet those cheeks have been blessed with a few gazillion kisses! there is NOTHING like a swaddled baby. looks exactly how mine would sleep...makes me think... ;) safe travels home!

Jerusalem said...

love the drawer. apparently I spent some time in a drawer as a baby too. so sweet. your little family just gives me the warm fuzzies and makes me tear up all the time. God is so good.

Molly said...

That baby is gorgeous!! Congrats!!
~Molly P
May you have a year of blessings!!