Thursday, April 29, 2010

rick rack mother's day pin

Rick Rack!

Okay girls, here's a little somethin', somethin' for you crafty folk.

A little idea. A simple craft that you can do in just small amount of time, maybe with the kids, or maybe not. May I suggest you take a little quiet time to sit and make something from your heart for your mom?

Supply list:

* One yard of rick rack any size depending on your preference. I like large cotton rick rack found in quilting stores.
* Small piece of leather or felt
* One pinback finding available at most craft stores
* Needle and thread
* Ribbon
* Glue gun
* Various embellishments

Step One:

Fold your rick rack ribbon back and forth so that the edges line up. Periodically run your needle through the bottom edge of one side. Keep folding until you feel like your "flower" will be as full as you like it.

Step Two:

Bring ends of the thread together and tie off so that it forms a circle. Using the glue gun, glue the ends of the rick rack together where they meet making sure to glue on the knot so that it stays secure.

Step Three:

This is the fun part! Using your embellishments, start to design and create your pin to personalize it for it's intended recipient. I used little cut fabric flowers and a fabric covered brad in the center of this pin. I used tulle, buttons and beds in the purple one. I ruffled the tulle and the little fabric flowers and glued them to the center. The buttons and brads were also secured with hot glue. I put the ribbon in front on one and in the back on the other. I think it looks nice either way.

Step Four:

Cut your leather or felt in a circle so that it fits the back side of your pin. Cut slits so that the pin and locking component can fit through. Glue the circle onto the back of the rick rack with hot glue.

Step Five:

Ruffle and package! Fluff out the petals so that the flower looks nice and full. Remember that presentation is everything and make sure to package your little offering in an extra special way. I'm going to go to the florist and ask for some clear corsage containers. I'll add a little Easter grass and a beautiful bow and there you have it!

Mother's Day flowers that won't die!

Yellow Ric Rack Pin

Please send me photos of your completed pins if you decide to make some!

Questions? Email me!

Bloggers feel free to repost this project. All I ask is that you credit the original source and send me a link to your blog. Happy trails!


Heather said...

So adorable! I hope I can make them look half as cute as yours do.
I am going to do my best.

margie said...

freak these are cute!
kiss kiss

Jen said...

What a darling idea! I'm definately making one for my mom and MIL and ME of course! Gonna repost this for sure! Thanks much!

Terri Fisher said...

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing it!

RiNNE said...

thanks so much!

- corinne

Johanna said...

if I can find the time....oh I wish I had more time....I will make these! Just adorable. Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

Heather at All A Flutter said...

oh my word...i'm in love! any reason to use ric rac i'm on board with. lovely designs! thanks for sharing.

Amy said...

Hey! Which quilting store in North County do you get this stuff? THANKS!

april said...

Amy- Most quilting stores will carry large rick rack. I got mine from a store in Utah.

alli said...

thank you for your kind words on my blog! we must be soul sisters. i just made something similar to this to wear at the upcoming Stationery Show with my vintage feedsacks. I will continue stalking your beautiful work now! ...

sarah said...

love this tutorial! i blogged about it and linked it here:

(I was guest blogging for a friend).

thanks for the inspiration!