Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Still life

still life by secondsister

triboluminescence: (¦trī·bō·ə′lü·mə′nes·əns) n. 1. luminescence due to friction

Sometimes you need a little friction in your life to bring to light just how wonderful it all is.

Honestly, I thought I'd be more exhausted. I really believed that my creative juices would dwindle with all the extra work and sleeplessness.

Curiously, I feel lit up. I have a million ideas floating around in my brain. I'm having more problems sleeping because of brain buzzing than baby fussing.

I have a new little project I'm working on with some good friends. I'm excited to tell you all about it in a few weeks.

Plans are underway for this year's Spark Event. It's going to be Sept. 10th through the 11th. Mark your calendars now. Margie, Rhonna and Liz are cooking up some amazing surprises for this year.

I've ventured back into my studio and started coming up with new jewelry design ideas.

I'm back baby!

Sure I'm busy, but I'm buzzin'.

And the future looks brighter than ever.


Kataroo said...

Beautiful :) :) :)

soveryvicki said...

Love the joy behind this post. So happy you've got your groove on.

margie said...

So lucky am i to be involved in some of your creative journey...excited you will be part of Spark this year...

T. The Destructor said...

Glad to hear you're back! :) I love that word, triboluminescence.

I heard it on a Syfy show once, and its such with me ever since. It just sounds magical.

Laura said...

you know the saying...if you want something done, give it to a busy person!

so true

and I was JUST talking about this with hubby...I turned down cake orders for a few weeks so that I could get my big move together...and the lack of work got me SO EXHAUSTED. Nothing to do made me so lazy...rather than using the extra time like I had planned to get things done, the empty pockets of time seemed to suck the creative life out of me.

Busy mamas are the best kinds of mamas...can't wait to see what you are working on!