Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Well it came. I've been waiting for this book for like for. ever. 

There are several blogs that I follow religiously. Humm, probably more than religiously. Every once in a while I take a mental health Sunday off of church. I don't miss my blog reads. Ever.

Alicia Paulson writes Posy Gets Cozy. I love to peek into her life and watch her create. She is also adopting a baby girl. I'm so excited for her and I love the little projects she is working on for her baby while she waits.

I thumbed through my book while I feed the Little Mister a bottle. I love this project using crewel wool. As you can see I got out my embroidery hoops and started planning.

Now, generally speaking, I don't get into any type of needle work in the Summer. It just seems too hot to sit with something in my lap. However. Summer skipped us down her in San Diego this year. Honestly, we have only had a couple of hot days and every morning is cold and overcast. And now that I have Alicia's book to get me in the mood, I'm considering a project. Something to do in the last few minutes before we call it a day.

Michael's Craft was having a sale on cotton yarn. I thought a light weight summer afghan would be just the thing to keep my fingers nimble. I picked these three bright fun colors and I'm planning on using double crochet to keep it loose and airy. I may try a zig-zag pattern to make it look like candy.

To be fair, I should probably just say that I might be full of a lot of crap and never even start this blanket. I've got, like, a kabillion projects going right now, two of which are needy little babies. I also have an illustration project that I'm working on that I simply can't wait to share when it's finished. And then there's SPARK. It's only a month away. I'm so excited to be teaching and I'm trying to plan a class that will knock your socks off. And the Winter Secondsister collection needs to be finished off. Hopefully, that will knock your socks off as well. Bring your cash stash from your underwear drawer.

I'm trying to keep up. I'm stressed and having fun all at the same time. Did you read the previous post? My life is a circus.


Jenn said...

I have Alicia's "Stitched in Time" book and love it of course. I haven't done a thing with it other then mark the projects I like but will most likely not get to...

Sabrina said...

Love Alicia's blog. Also can't wait to take your class next month at Spark.

Deb said...

Haha... but circuses are so much fun!!
Anyway, if you do end up making it, please post some pics for us to see!