Monday, August 23, 2010

hope on a monday

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I thought about writing a post on how profoundly tired I am these days.

But that's really not anyway to start a new week now is it?

I am meeting this week with high hopes. Hope for more energy. Hope for more time. Hope that the Bird's teeth hurry up and come in already.

We want to get all of our printing supplies ordered this week. I need to come up with a design for our Christmas cards so that we will have time to have the plate made and get them printed.  We are expecting a pretty steep learning curve when we finally have everything to get started with our new press.

The boy starts school in one week.  We have doctors appointments, dentist appointments, school clothes shopping, and haircuts on the schedule.

It's good to be busy. Really it is. I mean, think about the alternative. No children? No work? No thank you.

But man am I tired.


PaperPumpkin said...

I look back on those busy, busy days when I had two young children to get all ready for back-to-school, and I think: man, how did I do it? Did I have more energy then? You have a good sense of balance, though! You remember to be grateful and not want the alternative. That's good! Your family is beautiful and I wish I could send you some energy!

Melissa said...

Let us know when your ready to start printing. I'm sure Brant would love to come check out your press and help you out with the learning curve :). So excited, where's the pictures of this new big baby?!