Monday, August 30, 2010

parenthood 101

Polka Dot & Plaid

Well today is it.

Back to school for the Boy.  First grade. First time in public school.

He's not in the least bit scared.  Never has been.  Heights can send him into a hyperventilating frenzy, but new social situations? He's A-Okay. Cool as the Fonz.

I, on the other hand, have the jitters. Will he like his teacher?  Will he fit in?  Should I really be giving him Cheetos in his lunch?  Will people think I'm a bad mom for sending junk food?  Do I have to look cute at drop off or can I schlep on over in my scuzzies?

 Is this about him or me?


From the Kitchen said...

I can totally relate! It's such a short, short time between first grade and high school graduation. Enjoy every minute. It will all work out.

If I were sending mine off today, I'd be packing bento boxes for their lunch. Not to impress anyone. Just because I love them!!


Kari said...

For some reason I thought Thomas was older, but Jack started first grade last week. I'm still not okay with it. And yes, it is all about me. Everything is.

tollestrupfamily said...

Cute the first day then you can schlep the rest of the year. Cheetos are also TOTALLY balanced out by a healthy sandwich. Good Luck!

Joan Crandall said...

Schlep in the morning and be cute in the afternoon - that's my game plan. You will have to let me know how you like LCM - I miss our sweet Redeemer very much. Hey I know... you can bring an apple book for the teacher!

Aunt Julie said...

So excited for Thomas :) He'll be great! oxo

the emily said...

I was so worried last week about my son's first day in 1st grade that I WAAAY overpacked his lunch every day. I kept worrying that he wouldn't like what I packed and would get hungry, so I just put some of everything. Apple slices, a banana, sandwich, 2 kinds of chips, THREE treats...seriously. This morning he goes, "Mom, just a sandwich and chips are fine, and maybe two treats." I was way more worried about it than he was.

Kiera said...

Week three here and my heart is still a bit heavy. Life is crazy here once school starts... Soccer.. piano... homework... I miss the carefree giggles. I miss finding them under the dining room table carefully planning attack on their older "more mature" sister... But most of all, My Noah... He misses {HIS BOYS}