Monday, August 09, 2010

step right up!

         by secondsister

Step right up! Come inside! Take a look at the curious inhabitants found under our big top!

First and foremost, we have our strong man. Look at those muscles folks! Look at the stamina! This specimen of manhood can tame to wildest beast! Watch him handle the fiercest of lions on this hot afternoon and next week in the courtroom. Mr. Meeker joined our troop some sixteen years ago and he just keeps getting stronger!

Now folks, let's not dawdle. Move it along. That's right. Crowd around, don't be shy, take a look. Here we have April, the bearded woman. Yes folks, that's right. A bearded woman. She quit trying to pluck out all her chin whiskers some five or six years ago. And just look at those brows! We will have to move her in with the wolf boys! But oh can she juggle! Just look at that! Look at her go! There's diaper changes and appointments and nap times and meals and oh, look at that, she just picked up blogging and studio time! Isn't she amazing?

Okay folks, let's head this way! Keep hold of your young ones. Yessiree! You are in for a treat! Through the bleachers we go. Watch your step now. Ladies and Gentlemen please look up! Let me introduce our daring darling, our high flying sweetheart, Amelie! Don't let her beauty distract you! This girl's a veritable monkey! Watch her scale any object in sight. She teeters off the most precarious of footholds. This little cutie nearly gives us all a heart attack everyday with her daring stunts.

Oh, what do we have here? Please direct your attention to center ring! That's Thomas the Clown! Just look at the dexterity! Thomas can ride his bike without training wheels! And it only took him three years! Impressive! (Ahem, doesn't share his sister's daredevil nature.) Thomas sure keeps us laughing around here. Yes, he's quite a jokester that Thom. After all, what would a circus be without a clown?

And now folks, I've saved the most curious of creatures for last. If you will just follow me to the menagerie. Please keep hold your young ones. We wouldn't want to loose any to the big cats. No sudden moves please. Stay together now. Just this way. Please gather closely so everyone can get a look. This little beast was a surprise addition to our circus a few months back. We are still trying to figure out where he came from. At first we thought he might be a chimpanzee. See how his hair sticks strait up like a chimp? But now we are thinking he might be some species of bear. He seems to be storing up vast amounts of fat which we can only surmise might be for hibernation. In any case, we do love this little guy. We named him Henry. He giggles when you poke his tummy. We are hoping to send him to magicians college. Maybe he can make some money appear in our pockets! Ha! Ha!

Thank you for joining us today Ladies and Gentlemen! Don't forget to buy your warm peanuts and hot dogs in the concessions tent. Come again!


PaperPumpkin said...

This is an amazing post!!!! LOVE it! Your writing and your hilarious descriptions of your family, er, I mean, performers extraordinaire, have me laughing!

Joan Crandall said...

That was the best post to start my Monday, thanks April!

Deb said...

Love it. :)

From the Kitchen said...

Ha, ha! Now, illustrate with photos of the "weird menagerie" so that I can see if it's worth the price of a ticket!!


Jen said...

Love this!

Pam said...

Clever, if I do say so myself!