Monday, August 16, 2010

rouge scollar

I did some research. Really. I did! I've been known to crack a book  computer open every now and then and poke around a bit.  I wanted to know what neck fashion was like in 1868.

Yes, these are the kind of things a girl like me researches.  Inquiring minds...

Anywho, I didn't find out a whole lot.  Men were busy wearing ascots, women on the other hand, well, they didn't have any one fashion that was universal.  Some women wore these funny little lace pieces that I think are rather unoriginal and scratchy looking.

Long story short, I'm rewriting history. The new Secondsister accessory is the the "Little Women Scollar", and boy is it smart. (ha ha) It's half scarf, half collar. It's purpose is to dress up a plain sweater or coat and keep your neck warm at the same time.

I'm creating my scollars with the best of materials. Wool, silk, cashmere, chenille, all the good stuff. Some have vintage buttons and old rhinestone jewels, others are simple and tailored looking. 

I think they even out my Winter collection nicely. The "Heart of India" collection is still growing and I'm loving the direction it has taken me. 

More than anything, the Secondsister Winter collection is about beautiful embellishment, intricate details and vivid color working together to make statement piece accessories.  

The Winter collection will debut at Spark on the 10th and 11th of September.  On September 13th I will post photos of the remaining collection here on Suaviloquy so that readers will have a chance to buy before I post them to the shop later in the week.

If you are in the Salt Lake City area during September 10th-11th come to Spark!  There are only a few remaining tickets so don't procrastinate.

Cheerio dear friends! Here's hoping for delightful week, where the work load is light and the fashion is smashing.

(That was me trying to sound British in honor of the Little Women scollars.)


Kari said...

"where the fashion is smashing" . . . ha! very clever you are. so the collars make you smarter, too?

abode said...

and you should bust away from SPARK and come and see us at abode 1720 s 900 e!!

PaperPumpkin said...

Positively smashing, dahling.

Terri Fisher said...

Very, very classy and cool! I'm glad you are having so much fun creating!

Meerjungfrau said...

This collar is so stylish. I love it! I love the look, the colors, every single thing and the earrings are gorgeous!

MMW said...

oh so pretty. I'd take one in turquoise and one in camel/chocolate brown.

Anne Thompson said...

I'm so hoping you have a collar or two left after SPARK--I SO WANT ONE!!! Or more!!! Anne, yourmainestamper