Tuesday, August 31, 2010

plangonology and other cute stuff

I guess I am a born collector.  As a child I collected M & M wrappers, chewed gum (my own, I know, gross), clothing labels and at one point in my early childhood, I collected black and orange fuzzy caterpillars. Another gross. What can I say? I was a gross kid.

My son has inherited my collecting genes.  He collects many things, some of which I am fond of, others of which I could totally do without. He's a gross kid too.

I have a true affinity for Russian nesting dolls.  My brother lived in Ukraine for a couple of years and he gave me my first set of nested dolls.  Matryoskas have become somewhat popular as of late so they are much easier to find.  I personally like the real Russian or Ukrainian dolls, however, I recently bought these and these which are so cute I am happy every time I use them.  Also, I have these cute key covers and this set of dolls for the Bird to play with.

I have ornaments and salt and pepper shakers and t-shirts and boxes and ribbon and...

Oh heavens, I could go on and on.

I think it's really a doll thing. I like wooden dolls. I also collect Japanese kokeshi dolls. But when I think about being a "doll collector" I find it kind of creepy. I've happened to know a few "doll collectors" in my day and man are they weird.

A plangonologist is a doll collector. Yes, there is a name for this neurosis.

Oh well, I can always rest assured in the fact that I will never be as weird as the plangonologist who collect those freaky little Blythe dolls. What's with those anyway? Ew.

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Sherri said...

I need to visit Russia so I can bring back these cute souvenirs! I've always wanted them but I won't buy them until I find them there.