Friday, October 15, 2010

black magic

I love me a good antique store. I mean I really love it. However, antique stores are like Chinese restaurants. There are a billion of them and only a few good ones.  You have to hunt them out. It takes time and patience.

My mother-in-law discovered a gem. They have unique stuff. Not junk. Special, one-of-a-kind like items.

I hyperventilated a little when I spotted these shoes and saw that they were my size.  According to the owner of the shop, they were part of a whole ensemble but the dress and clutch went home with a women who wasn't a size eight. The shoes stayed right where they were, waiting for me.

They make me feel pretty and stylish and fancy, these shoes. I haven't worn them out yet, but I have worn them around the house, you know, when I need a little lift. Like when I do the dishes and such. No, I'm not kidding. Some times I wear them with my pajamas.

Isn't it funny how an item of clothing or an accessory can change the way you feel? For me, it's like music.  What I wear and listen to, determines how I feel at that time. It's like magic.  

I saw this head dress on Emma Lamb's blog. It is from  It has sold (for $300 if you can believe that), so I think I will try to make one similar.

And now I just need somewhere to wear my sexy sling backs and feathered headband. Is it too over the top for church? Tell me true.


Erika said...

Those are some sexy shoes! I love how heels automatically make you feel sexy. It's like a switch gets turned on and voila. I'd wear them to church any day!

Julie said...

The shoes look fab on you! You should take them out for a spin this weekend :)

Natalie said...

yes, get busy making headbands like that only with a reasonable price tag and i for one will buy them right up. too fancy for church? are you kidding - wear them with flare, my friend! as sad as it is, church is about as fancy as i get.

Jen said...

TOTALLY lovin' the new shoes! Wow! What a find. I'm not a size 8 so you are definitely one lucky lady to have a special pair of shoes to pair up with your nightgown and do dishes in :) (Yes, i too have done such a thing when I needed to glamorize my boring life)
I'm not good with headbands. They always slide off my head. But I would love to find the feathers for something else. If you find a good source please share :)

From the Kitchen said...

Depends on the church! But, I like them and would wear them to church.


Princess Pookie said...

If they're not too dressy to wear around the house with your PJ's while changing poop then NEVER too dressy for anything else in your life. That headband rocks! Cutie blog!:D

Nancy W said...

Work it Spark sister! Love the shoes and headband too! I feel soooooo thin when I wear heels! It is amazing how some things make you feel so good! So glad you shared! Hugs from Conroe, TX!