Friday, March 11, 2011

hanky panky

Spring is birthday season in my life.  It's my birthday on April first so maybe it just seems like the birthday time of year, but I also have many friends and family members that were born in the Spring.

Here's a little craft idea for a quick and cute gift to take to a friend's birthday lunch.

Vintage Handkerchief   $5.00
Vintage Brooch  $20.00
Small Tulip Bunch  $5.00  

You can find old brooches for a lot less if you are lucky. Garage sales are the best place to get a good deal on costume jewelry.  Old hankies can be found in almost any antique store. There are also many online shops that have really fun selections.  I have found vintage hankies for as low as a dollar.  If you use flowers from your garden or wildflowers this gift could end up costing very little. 

Wrap the stems in a little plastic wrap to avoid staining the hanky.  You could also use water tubes if your hanky is on the large size. 

You can also skip the brooch altogether.  Use chocolate cover strawberries on skewers instead of flowers. Hand embroider the hanky yourself or fill the hanky with sweets in a cellophane bag.  The possibilities are endless.

Happy crafting!

Please check back later today to see if you are the lucky winner of the dala horse stamp.


PaperPumpkin said...

This is so sweet! I would love to make one, thank you. I would also love to receive one for Mother's Day...

Jaz said...

Perdy perdy!!!

Anonymous said...

I have to admit when I saw your blog post title, I did get a little excited. I've got hankies galore from my aunt, great gift ideas..I'm thinking the people I visit teach might like these...of course I will claim all credit for my own.

Apryl said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful crafts with us (instructions too)! A hankie...who'd have thunk! Btw, LOVED the hat on Sunday.