Tuesday, March 15, 2011

a word?

A word about craftsmanship, if you will?

First, I feel very strongly about it.

Secondly, I will pay for it.

Finally, true craftsmen will always find a place in my heart.

Also this:

A word about the revival of facial hair in indie artists.

What gives?

Oh and this:

The Sugar Daddy has grown a beard and claims that it won't be cut until after he runs the Moab Half next weekend.

The only thing he is crafting at the moment are briefs*. And I don't mean quality underpants.

He looks sexy but his face feels like a badger's butt.  (Not that I go around feeling up badgers. It's just an expression.)

*Boring legal documents.


Apryl said...

Always a smile after reading your posts April! Here here to Craftsmanship! And hubby's beard!

Hello*Lucky*Holly said...
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Hello*Lucky*Holly said...

I hope Mindy doesn't grow a beard...!

Anne Thompson said...

I really enjoyed both of the videos you posted today. I have a neighbor who crafts artisan breads that he sells to stores and restaurants in Maine. The best part of that is that he puts bread on racks in his baking room for the neighbors to purchase at wholesale prices on an honor system--just leave money in the cookie tin. His black olive loaf is wonderful as is the almond apricot only available on Saturdays. I go really early in the morning because most days he sells out before 11. Next time I go to NYC I'm going to go find the Mast Brothers. Here's to craftsmanship! Anne, yourmainestamper

alli/hooray said...

funny! LOVE mast brothers chocolate. my hubby would be so envious of their beards too :)

WillowBean said...

Totally off topic, but when I saw this fabric it instantly reminded me of you...