Tuesday, March 29, 2011

spark 2011

Okay folks.

Big announcement.

If you have followed me longer than a year you know that I have taught at Spark for the past couple years.  This year I am going to be a creative partner with Margie Romney-Aslett, Christy Thomlinson and Alisa Holland

We have started planning this year's event and let me just say, it's going to be amazing.  I am so excited about the look and feel we have created.  The teachers are going to be unique and fun.  There will be many different types of classes going on. We are trying to broaden our scope regarding creativity. Amy Dalley will be making sure the food is fab.  The decor will be, as in year's past, magical.

I will probably be mentioning Spark quite a bit here on my little piece of cyber space.  It's going to consume a fair amount of my life.  I feel honored to be working with the creative woman partnering in Spark.  They are all amazing, bright, kind people.

I feel lucky to be a part of Spark.  

I want to personally invite you to come along with me.

Registration opens April 1st.


shawna lynne henrie said...

loved loved loved attending spark a few years ago, and so fun to run into you there...maybe i can swing it this year again...would love to come take part in all of that creative juice!! and to anyone out there thinkin about it...GO!!

Rosie said...

I haven't read about spark yet and can't wait to get more details :-)

Erin said...

LOVED your class at Spark last year! Can't wait to see what you creative girlies have up your sleeve for us this year!

Jessa said...

What's the feeling on 2 month old nursing babies attending because I'll have one by then but I really want to Spark it up!