Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I have come to believe that I am a fearful person.  Not a worrier per say. Fearful.

I have a lot of special types of fears in my life. Take for example my constant fear of being hit in the face.  This is a fear founded in real life experience.  My babies regularly whack me in the face with toys and books. And on more than one occasion they have bucked and the special hard spot on the back of their cranium has smashed my perpendicular plate of the ethmoid bone (looked that one up, a girl likes to know what exactly has been crushed in her face).

The pain of having a hard little head crash into your nose is acute.  It brings tears to your eyes and swears to your lips.

So I live my life with something akin to post traumatic disorder. Constantly flinching when I catch a swift movement in my peripheral vision.

And there's the goo factor.  I live in constant fear of what goo I might encounter.  Coming across a wet patch of carpet makes me shudder. There's no telling what it might be.  If I'm lucky it's just a pool of spit. That's if I'm lucky.

I also have the special fear called nudophobia.  Fear of being nude in public.  Most phobias are unfounded, but mine is not.  My children consider my clothing to be scaffolding.  My neckline is the go-to grip used to hoist themselves up.  If I wear a skirt, they think I have a brought along an extra blanket for them to pull over their heads.  I am forever checking to make sure my boobs aren't exposed and my butt is covered.

So when I say I'm a fearful person, you can see, I'm not just blowin' smoke. 

I got issues people.

I'm planning on a lot of therapy later in life.

P.S. It's been really warm and the caged animals have been let out.


Laurie said...

oh my, are they cute!! yes, head butting stinks and my 3 year exposed my bra/cleavage at the store the other day to the delight of the guy behind us...gotta try to laugh at that one, not at the head butts though...those are a huge ouch.

Erin said...

So funny! I love the darling photos! It is still very cold here--wish I could let my 4 yr old outside! She pulled on my sweatpants during a particularly whiny trip to Target last week and nearly blinded a gal behind us. :)

Elizabeth said...

It sounds like your fears are well-justified! Don't let any therapist tell you otherwise. But it'll pass, as these things do!

From the Kitchen said...

I think you just need some water therapy. Move those chubby little bodies over and make room for yourself.


Erika said...

Those pictures make me smile and your post made me laugh. What little cuties you have!

Rachel said...

Those babies are gorgeous! I was blessed to have 3 babies in 3 years...oh i get the fears. I totally GET it! :) I have had my nose busted my eye ball scratched, stepped in the goo and the poo ;). Mine are now 7,6 and 4. It gets better pretty quick!