Tuesday, February 12, 2008

broderie anglaise

When I just can't look at another bead or piece of silver, I come in from my work bench, put on my pajamas and break out the needle crafts. I have been working for some time on two crocheted blankets for Mei Mei. I love the rhythm of crochet. The in and out of the needle, the pull and tug of the yarn. I like to nestle in the corner of my large sofa and watch Nova or Project Runway, crochet and snack on things I shouldn't be eating at night- like sour patch kids or milk duds.

Sweet Pea Blanket

Spumoni Blanket

Recently, I have been dabbling in English embroidery (broderie anglaise). I find it very relaxing. My work tends to be less English and more modern American doodling. For my next project, I want to make a watch with an embroidered band. Keep an eye on my etsy shop!

Keep a green bough in your heart, and a singing bird will come!

-Chinese Proverb


Jennifer said...

Oh, how I wish I could crochet! The spumoni blanket is really cute. I love the colors and it looks soft.

I found you through Etsy. Your jewelry is lovely - you are a talented woman!

My husband and I are also waiting (and waiting and waiting...) for our Chinese daughter (lid 6-27-06).

I marked your shop as a favorite and look forward to seeing what you create in the future.


Jennifer said...

You amaze me! Beautiful work again and again. What a wonderful home to welcome a baby that will need special and hand chosen love.